Public space (Facebook, Twitter, WWW):

Our search engine scans the internet every night and keeps track of negative comments about you, your company or organisation. Neutral and positive messages are displayed as well, which allows you to have a complete overview of your digital image.

Private space (WhatsApp, Snapchat, FB messenger, etc):

Those areas can’t and won’t be actively monitored by us as we respect your privacy. You can hand in any hate comments by printscreen and they will then be treated the same way.


The longer on the web, the greater the damage. SILENCCIO. ensures an immediate warning of the author and reaches out to the social media platform to guarantee an immediate deletion. Hate comments, cybermobbing and shitstorms are nipped in the bud.


Too often defamation and slander must be fought against in court. Our partner AXA-ARAG - the largest Swiss legal protection insurance - covers the legal and procedural costs.


All collected data is stored exclusively on Swiss servers.