How can I sign up for the products?
The sign up is very easy and done with a few clicks. Choose your product here: Then you enter your contact details, you connect your accounts, define a few additional search terms and pay by credit card.  as of then, you are our client and we support you in case of any incoming hate speech.


What do I have to do after signing up?
Nothing. our tool scans the internet every night for the search terms you defined. you will get a weekly summary of all mentions by email. if there is a hateful message amongst it, you will be contacted by email directly.


What are search terms?
search terms are words that further narrow down the search and increase the quality of the search results. this could be a company name, the place you live, a club / union you are a member of, an interest you might be associated with, etc.


Which browser is to be used preferably?
our login works with all commonly used browsers


My login doesn’t work, what should I do?
Please contact us under


I forgot my password, what should I do?
you find a password recovery function on the login page. please follow the instructions


subscribe to our newsletter
You can subscribe to our newsletter on


How can I terminate my contract and what is the notice period?
The contract has no limited runtime and can be terminated by both parties with a proper notice of termination period of one month (if paid by credit card) by end of month. If payment is done by invoice, special conditions apply. The termination has to be handed either in written or by email.


How can I change my payment details?
You can change them after having logged-in to your account


How can I change the search terms?
You can change them after having logged-in to your account



What happens once a hateful comment has been detected?
You will be informed by email as soon as we have detected a potential hateful comment. You then have the possibility to decide, whether you want the author of the comment to be warned and asked to remove the comment in written (a simple click from your end). If yes, we take over and contact the respective person.


What happens if the author of the hateful comment doesn’t delete the comment?
In a next steps, we contact the platform where the comment was posted and ask for deletion. If this isn’t possible, you will be asked if we should initiate the legal process. If you agree, we hand the case over to our partner AXA ARAG, who will examine the case and upon acceptance initiate the legal measures. All of this is included in our products Protect and Protect+ (Silenccio Monitoring is excluded from legal protection insurance)


What is Silenccio doing with anonymous hate speech?
Wherever possible, we warn the author and ask for removal. in case of non-removal and explicit hate speech, we ask for disclosure of the identity with the respective platform provider


A hateful comment wasn’t detected, what should I do?
Please send us an email with a printscreen of the comment to and we will take a look at it immediately


Do you offer to warn the author of comments without a legal protection insurance?
yes, we do offer a pure monitoring including warning – Silenccio Monitoring. Further details can be found under


Where is the data being stored?
The data provided by the client in conjunction with the contract is being stored on a server based in Switzerland. Silenccio ensures that any personal information is being protected from access from any unauthorised third party.


Which social media are being actively scanned?
We currently scan facebook, twitter and all further accessible contents on the net.


Are FB Messenger, Snapchat, and/or WhatsApp included?
Yes. However, as these communication channels are considered taking place in a semi-private sphere we do not monitor these. You will have to send us a screenshot of a hateful comment by email to and we will take care of it.


Which countries are covered (and is it relevant where the author of a comment is located)?
Covered are comments from EU/EFTA countries for clients based in Switzerland or Liechtenstein


What languages are covered?
Currently, we limit the search to german terms. We are continuously working on expanding our offer, including additional languages.


What data does AXA receive?
In case of a legal process through AXA ARAG, they will receive all relevant information to pursue the process.


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